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The Readme


WoW Patchzer 1.7.0+
By Zilem

Instaling Guide for:
> Warlords of Drænor
> Mists of Pandaria
> Cataclysm
> Classic

If this MPQ wasn't downloaded from This Site (Or Darknest Fantasy Erotica)
then it have been uploaded without my permission, which is agianst my terms of use.

Warlords: CASC-workaround

Unzip the Folder(s) within the zip file into your WoW game folder.
Path: World of Warcraft\{Here}

Also you will need a Moded WoW.exe
Which you can get From:
> Azerothica
> Darknest
Follow the instalation guide for the Modded WoW.exe.

Guide Line while useing Moded WoW.exe
Do not talk about your using a modded .exe, Custom textures and/or Model edits for your WoW to anyone in any Public chat channel, forum or Commenting it on News.
Darknest or any other ways of chats are Fine. aslong it isn't public Blizzard Chat.

Mists of Pandaria: SoundsCache Method

Go to your wow's Data folder's Cache Folder
Path: World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\{Here} and then the
Local folder inside
Which can be: "
enUS" "enGB" "deDE" "frFR" "ruRU" and so on, depending on your Localization.

Every file named "patch-xxXX-#####.MPQ" can be replaced Replaced with any Custom MPQ, without any problems.


Interface Mods, won't be loaded unless the Custom Mod MPQ are Placed within Local folder. if your using a modded WoW.exe
Path: "World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\{Local}\{Here}

All files in "World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\*" can be Replaced with a Custom Mod MPQ.


Cataclysm: SoundCache Method

This method do not work for character model edits!

Go to your WoW's Data folder's Cache Folder
Path: World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\{Here}
Every file named "SoundCache-patch-#####.MPQ" and on 1 KB is a placeholder, and can be replaced without any problems.


Below is a list of SoundCache Placeholders avalible:

Rename your Custom MPQ's to any of the Files from the list above (or to what else is available in the Folder)
and move theme to the Cache folder and select "Yes" to replace the File(s) already in cache folder

Not all Placeholder will work for All versions of Cataclysm.
The higher the Number the higher the is of it will work.

Thise Placeholder Works for WoW v4.3.4:

If there is an issue inside Custom Mod MPQ, WoW will replace it one of it's placeholder files on 1KB (or Crash)

To Remove the Custom Mod MPQ's, delete them, wow will re-create the orginal MPQ files when you Launch it.

Classic, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lichking: Patch-# Method

Place your Custom Mod .MPQ within your WoW's Data folder
World of Warcraft\Data\{Here}

WoW will load any Custom MPQ files placed in it's Data folder, as long it is Labeled Correct: "Patch-
# is a Letter between A-Z, which needs to be in Capital letters.
you can also use the Numbers. but i do not Recommend it. (but if you do use
4-9, single diget)
also keep in mind that the
P in Patch and MPQ needs to be in Capital

File Priority:
every file within WoW's file system is Unique, as so are textures
if you want to use another Mod to Replace some content of another it will have a letter more do
Example: Patch-B.MPQ, files will replace files Duplicate files in Patch-A-MPQ. any other files in Patch-A.MPQ will be used.

Term of Use

By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use
For useing Patchzer you have to agree with any of these terms.

All Pictures, Previews, Icons, Guides, Textures and Modifications are all created by Zilem, unless anything else is mentioned.
(Artworks used in Loadingscreens and Paintings are not created by Zilem, aside the female Fel-orc ilustration, however i do not know all the names for all artists, if you know let me know)

By Downloading any Patchzer™ from

You are allowed to:
> Use it on your own Computer(s)
> Share links to this website's html-pages, however not hot-linking any .zip files directly. if said file is updated the link to the file will be invalid.
> Combine my work into a single custom Archive file, as long as it stays on your computer(s) and are not uploaded or shared anywhere.
> Record videos and take screenshots of my creations and share those, but only aslong as you have Zilem in the credit Section for my work.

You are not allowed to:
> Uploading Any Patchzer files to any free file sharing hosts, forum, your own server, website or webhotel of any kind.
> Make a compilation which include my Textures or Skins if you have not asked for my Permission first and also explain where you will upload and share it.
> alter any of my Textures or Skins, without my Permission.